Sharing ideas should be inspiring

Jottly allows you to create documents with real-time editing and collaborating capabilities. You can write, edit, post and share content with your peers in an enjoyable process.

It's writing.

Jottly provides just the right amount of tools for you to really focus on writing the content. Information is presented in a cleaned and elegant manner, without the distraction of fancy formatting.

It's easy.

Jottly aims to replicate the liberating feeling of jotting your ideas on the back of a napkin - quick, natural and simple. Just start typing your ideas, we will take care the rest. Unlike a napkin, your thoughts are never lost.

It's collaborative.

Use Jottly to share ideas and collaborate with friends and collegues in any situation. Not only does Jottly helps your keep track of who wrote what, it also allows you to write on the go with its mobile apps.

Meet the Jottlers

"Jottly helped our team of writers to collaborate remotely on our monthly journal. We all love the emphasis of simplicity in this product!"
Tim, Genie
"We have tried a lot of other text editors before, but most of them are either too complicated or lack power. Jottly is just right."
Dante, Secrette Inc
"There are awesome tools for pair programming and screen sharing, but people somehow neglect the simplest form of collaboration - idea sharing. Jottly understands that."
Karen, Bloc




  • unlimited notes
  • unlimited users
  • 5GB of storage
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  • unlimited notes
  • unlimited users
  • 20GB of storage
  • presentation capabilities
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  • unlimited notes
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited storage
  • presentation capabilities
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